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The RSO has six committees that, together with the board, make the RSO even more fun and enjoyable! The committees also arrange things like the repertoire and concerts. You can always volunteer for one or more committee(s)!


This committee organizes fun activities and trips besides the rehearsals. In the past, for example, we went to play pool together and went to concerts.


This committee chooses the repertoire each season, where attention is paid to both variation and coherence.


This committee arranges the pictures and videos made at the concerts. As mediacommittee, you have to provide a photographer and recordings of the concerts.


This committee organizes the external rehearsalweekend and everything that needs to be fixed at the weekend.


This committee arranges the concerts and everything that needs to be fixed for concerts, like the ticket sale, publicity and a scheme for building up the concert halls.


This committee is very important because it arranges the tour! It may seem far away, but in 2025 we really want to go on tour.

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