At the Rotterdams Studenten Orkest, a lot of work has to be done behind the scenes. Think of: moving stuff and instruments, planning concerts, locations, rehearsal weekends, sheet music etc.
Dit is done by the playing members themselves, organised in committees.
We would like to thank:


Arranges all fun activities for the orchestra, such as drinks, outings, recreation during rehearsal weekends, etc.

  • Lotte
  • Tijmen van R.
  • (Thera)
  • (Rozanne)
  • (Esther)

Sheet music

Prints, binds and distributes sheet music

  • Reneé
  • Charlotte
  • Lotte

Instrument van

Rents and drives the instrument van to and from the concerts

  • Tijmen S.
  • Jasmijn


Everything that has to be arranged per concert: location, substitutes, etc.

  • Sarah
  • Jasmijn


Determines the new repertoire each half year

  • Pim
  • Coen
  • Helena
  • Hessel