Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join your rehearsals?

Nice if you’re thinking about joining! We are currently looking for viola, cello, double bass, oboe and horn.

If you play any of these instruments and you want to join, you can register using the contact form. Let us know which instrument you play. We will take care of the sheet music and a stand!

What pieces will you play this season?

  • Next season (winter 2023) we’ll play:

    • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Ouverture zur ‘Die Zauberflöte’
    • Antonin Dvořak – Symphonie nr. 7
    • Gustav Mahler – Songs Des Knaben Wunderhorn:
      • Revelge
      • Lied des Verfolgten im Turm
      • Trost im Unglück
      • Das irdische Leben
      • Wo die schönen Trompeten blasen


Last summer we went to Copenhagen together with the student orchestra of Enschede!

Our aim is to go on tour every two years, so hopefully we’ll make another great trip in the summer of 2025.

When is your next concert?

No event found!

Check out our concert page for more information!

How many members do you have currently?

Our orchestra has around 50 members.

Which instruments are you looking for?

We are currently mainly looking for:

  • Horn
  • Oboe
  • Double bass
  • Cello
  • Viola

If you play another instrument, you can always ask about the possibilities via or the contactform!