Become a Friend!

The Rotterdam Student Orchestra is an associaton with many ambition. Enthousiastic students have united themselves in the RSO in 2012, where classical music is practised and spread.
To make our projects possible and think of expanding, as in giving nicer concerts on fabulous locations, your (financial) support is indispensable.

Become a Friend of the RSO!

By becoming a Friend of the RSO, you support the orchestra with a one-off or half-yearly contribution. The quantity you decide on yourself, with a minimum of €10.

The RSO has some services on return. The following steps are followed as per March 2016:

  • €10 or more per half-year: We will send you an e-mail to let you know about our concerts, two weeks in advance. Your name will be registered on the list of Friends of the RSO.
  • €20 or more per half-year: All the above, as well: for every conert, you may order a maximum of two tickets for the reduced fee.
  • €40 or more per half-year: All the above, as well: for a concert of your choice, we will send you two free tickets, including a photo and personal note from the board.

If privileges overlap, the privilege from the highest sponsored bid will be valid.
As soon as your support is validated, it can be cashed.
Contact here the board to cash your privilege.